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Post by Admin Sat Nov 21, 2020 1:15 am


Another fluke warm day for November 20,2020. I mean it is 2020 and why wouldn't November give us another  warm day at 62 degrees. Around here in Connecticut that is almost warm enough for a beach day.  Laughing 

No really it is. I was a bit breezy but warm enough to head out in a fleece sweater. 

I went out to the supermarket for some groceries and it was the only plans I had for the day, as I was making my way back home I just didn't feel like going inside just yet. 

I called my sister and asked her if she wanted to go on a walk and with no fuss she quickly replied, "COME GET ME." She didn't want to take a picture for me to use in this post but either way it was so nice to be out and chat with her. We speak everyday via telephone but it was great to see her. 

Most people on the riverfront trail had their masks on. I was surprised that there wasn't more people there but it might have to something to do with the fact that we were on the east side of the river. Not much going on over here. 

There were a couple families enjoying the nice day, some were near the water and others were walking letting their small children run free. We heard a lady singing to her child and a few people getting some exercise. 

All in all a good walk. We were on the walk for about 45 minutes which is short compared to my usual 2 hour walk but I got my heart rate up a bit so that  is a win.

I took some pics along the way, I hope you enjoy them. What do you enjoy doing on a day like this? Let us know in the comments and post and feel free to post pics in the comments. 


This year has for sure reminded me how short our time here is and I have made sure to take in the simple things that give me so much pleasure in this crazy time we are living.

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