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Post by Admin Fri Oct 16, 2020 12:41 am

If you think you are one of those people that know a little bit about everything, with this article I hope to show you a little more. LOL. Please comment if you knew any of these or you learned something from them. This list will continue to grow so refer back to it as often as you would like. Also if you know something that can help, teach or save some one from loosing out please share in comments and we will include it into the article.


                                                      CAR RELATED

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]....GAS PUMPS AT GAS STATIONS

Did you know that if you select your preference of gas once and don't press it until your desired choice is selected that the pump will choose the most expensive choice for you. I explain...... I use the  same  brand of gas meaning only that company and I went and payed for my gas. I was multitasking but for sure tapped the 83 button. Proceeded to pump my gas.  I then look at the amount of gallons I got for the price I payed and the math was totally off. I go inside to question the attendant and he stated that I selected the vpower and that is more expensive. I argued but saw that I was not going to get any where so I left. A few days later I needed gas and was at another location and pressed my 83 selection, I didn't wait for the 83 slot to be highlighted and the same thing happened. It charged me the highest price. At this point I knew something was up. The  attendant then told me you have to press your selection several times until the blue marker is lit up and only the amount for your selection is showing. I asked why it was this way and he said he didn't know. Dumb question on my part for sure. Now I know.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].....DO YOU TOP OFF YOUR TANK? 

If you top off your cars tank, which means after it stops pumping when you let the nozzle pump it for you that you add more gas to get it to the nearest dollar amount, you should STOP. Especially on the newer vehicles from 2004 and newer. Your tank has a mechanism that makes the pump stop pumping and it shut a valve or flap to the tank, so any gas that you add after that just sits and when you get gas again the gas that has sat there and collected has condensation goes into your tank and causes issues. My mechanic Dave knew that I did this with out me telling him I did it. He says most people do it so I wouldn't be an exception. Now I know


If you change the oil in your car and have no idea what to do with the used oil, you can put it in the container you just took the new oil out of and take it to a auto part store like Auto Zone or Advanced Auto and they will take it from you FREE of charge.

                                                  GARDEN PEST RELATED

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].....SQUIRRELS IN YOUR WAY?

If you have a squirrel problem make an equal parts mix of cayenne pepper, paprika and hot pepper seeds. Mix well and place in the area where you want to stop them from going into. I use this on my window sills in the spring to keep squirrels from eating my screen and coming in. This of course can be used in the garden and it works great for other pests as well. The animals sense of smell is a lot more sensitive than ours and they aren't fond of the smells that come from these spices. 

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]....GNATS OUT OF NOWHERE 

If you have a gnat problem pour beer into a water bottle until it is half full, add a teaspoon of dish soap and lightly mix. Make a cone out of a peace of paper and place it on the opening of the water bottle. The gnats find their way in easily but have trouble getting out. Once the tire out and end up in the liquid the dish soap coats their wings and they can no longer get out. If you have a really bad case of gnats you can use hairspray to control a cloud of them. The hair spray works by coating their wings and as they try to fly. Once the hairspray dries they fall to the ground and can be cleaned up and disposed of. Other remedies recommend using apple cyder vinegar but this is used too attract them the dish soap is really what traps them. Beer works great as well.    

                                                SNEAKER RELATED

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].....GUM BOTTOM CLEAN UP

If you have gum bottom sneakers you can use hair dye developer to clear them up quite a bit. Apply the activator only to the gum bottom making sure not to get in on the leather or fabric to prevent damage. The higher the number the less potent the developer is. If the gum bottoms have a slight discoloration use 30 and leave in the sun for two days. If the bottoms are really discolored use 10 just be sure to only leave the sneakers in the sun for one day. Check the soles every four hours or so to make sure they are not over processing and damaging the rubber. Cover with saran wrap and let the shoe sit in the sun with the soles facing the sun.. Clean off with a old rag to get rid of the excess developer cream then rinse off with mild soap and water. Dry the soles off and if they are still not as clear as you want them to be repeat the process.

                                               HOME RELATED

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].....LAUNDRY

Did you know you can do this with your washer lid. If you hang your clothes to dry as I do to save some money, this trick is for you. I hang my clothes on hangers and to let them dry. In the summer I use a clothes line. I use the lid to hold the clothes until I'm done placing the clothes on the hangers. This of course only works with top loading washers. Now you also know.

DID YOU KNOW? Washer10

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