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Post by Admin Fri Dec 11, 2020 9:57 pm


I of course am a big fan of recycling, in essence it is the only way to rid our EARTH of a lot of waste. To stop filling our landfills. As I keep reading and connecting with other people who are neck deep in knowledge about saving EARTH from what we are doing to it I realize recycling isn't all I can do to take action. 

I am a research and do kind of person. I recently realized that the research stage of the damage we are causing to our EARTH can go on for ever. I will continue to learn how we are causing this damage but I am motivated to start making an effort to start practicing some of what I have learned thus far. 

I am wanting to start my focus on reduction. The light bulb when off and I understand that the key to leaving a smaller footprint is to start being aware of how we move as consumers. How much single use plastics we buy?, How much plastic we use in general? Like saran wrap, zip lock bags, disinfecting wipes, etc...

I am even giving a go into paying attention to what the products I purchase are made out of and where they come from. I think if we all did this even to a small degree we could reduce a lot of waste and maybe make companies shift into rethinking how they manufacture products. To manufacture products that are eco friendly are more expensive but I promise you the companies will follow suit or go out of business which would be okay with me.   

I don't consume a lot of beverages that come in one time use plastics but my family does. How I plan to make them more aware is a trick of sorts.  Very Happy . I read in a book that people mostly learn from being shown the change or teaching them the difference where it matters to them, I'll explain... 

With the one's that won't give up one time use containers I'll approach it by talking them into purchasing a bigger container to reduce single serving containers. After a little while I will work on them reducing some more.

With the ones who won't give up the soda I will talk to them about the soda making machine that uses water to create the sparkling water in soda and how they can choose the flavor and the amount of money they can save. I'll even pitch the fact of how convenient it would be to not have to go to the store. 

I will leave them out of the loop at first about the way this change will benefit the environment until they are hooked. Laughing Then I will mention to them how they helped and hopefully get them to want to keep doing their part without my trickery. If it doesn't work then I'll continue on with the trickery and after all it will make it more fun for me.

I am okay with starting with the ways they contribute to the damage the most and slowly move on to other areas where we can do our part to reduce the carbon foot print. 

I know the reusable carbonating plastic bottle will reduce the carbon footprint each of them are responsible for. By the way using a reusable glass carbonating bottle is not a better option because glass is made from rare minerals and more fossil fuels to produce. If you already have them then by all means don't buy more just continue to use what you have. 


Think of other ways to replace other forms of plastic. Until I gained better knowledge of the damage we are causing I didn't think twice of how I stored my food and saran wrap was a major contributor to my harmful waste. 

Other ways to store food that are available and reusable.

REUSABLE NON-PLASTIC WRAPS are made from a blend of hemp, organic cotton cloth, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. They are water resistant, pliable and come in various sizes. You can use them to store anything from a sandwich to a cut onion. They can be easily rinsed for cleaning and reused over and over again. Once their life span has reached the end you can throw them in your compost pile because they are biodegradable. 

Side note I will show you how to start composting at home even if you rent your. Please look out for the post and video soon.

CLOTH FOOD SACKS are great for storing dry foods. You can find them online, in many stores or you can make your own if you are crafty.

PAPER BAGS aren't usually thought of ways to store food but are great to store dry foods and produce in the fridge and are also biodegradable.

FABRIC BOWL COVERS are available on line in many varieties and are great to use on bowls you already have to store things like pasta, salads or even rice. 

WAX PAPER which you probably already have for baking but is a good way to replace saran wrap. Although you can't recycle it because of its wax coating you can throw it in your compost if you have the soy based biodegradable brand.

STYROFOAM is NOT recyclable in your curbside recycling bin. I have stopped buying styrofoam cups and plates. I replaced the plates with paper ones when I ever need a disposable plate. Even when they end up in the land fills, they are biodegradable and could also go into a compost pile. 

By no means I am saying that you should throw out your plastic bowls and containers what I hope you do is become more aware on how to recycle and reuse when you can and not continue to buy and discard irresponsibly. 

Once I run out of things like saran wrap I will switch to wax paper and fabric bowl covers and never look back to saran wrap. I have already stocked up on paper bags  and am looking for  biodegradable wax paper for storing wet items like pasta, soups and mashed potatoes. 

Cups I replace with a glass I already have if at home or if I am needing one at an outing I am hiving I use a collapsible camping cup normally made from silicone. When taken care of properly they last for a long while.

I hope you find this helpful and prompts you to at least replace one of the many things that are not evironmentally friendly in your every day life. Every bit helps to put a dent in the damage to our EARTH. 


Leave us a comment on which one of these new options you are willing and able to try to make a change.

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