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Post by Admin Tue Dec 01, 2020 10:00 pm


The uptick has made its appearance with full force. Covid has not gone away but the short time we were able to sort of make a go of things was for sure very welcomed. We welcomed it so much that it has caused us to have to move backwards. 

The summer uptick was a sign and notice that it wasn't going anywhere as we thought. How Covid was only gonna thrive in a cold environment and after the rise during the summer that proved to be false.

How wearing a mask doesn't prevent the spread of it, that's also not proving to be the case because we see many gatherings now being called super spreaders and the common factor is the most of the attendees are not wearing masks. 

How this is a vulnerable and preexisting condition kind of disease and it is taking healthy people of all ages. There are children in hospitals with unexplained symptoms that aren't seen in all patients and there are 80 year old people surviving it. 

False positives along with false negatives proves that the testing isn't completely figured out, so I guess we should expect the same for the vaccine. 

Do the schools stay open or shut down, who makes the decision and then who makes the final decision? Do we prepare for a shut down or do we play it by ear.? Are our local law makers the final word or is it higher up? How do we go to work with no daycare?, How do we take care of home with no income coming in?, How do we deal with mental illness, addiction, medical conditions and doctor's visit though a video chat?

The seclusion, lack of socializing is enough to make us go mad. Add frustration, depression and isolation due to Covid and it gives a whole new awful feeling. The pain of the ones who lost someone or even worse the sick who died without a loved one. Those who didn't get funerals or a last look into their loved ones eyes,  or those who didn't receive a hug or hear their loved ones voice one last time. All of the things that were left undone and unsaid. 

Think of the first responders who lost their lives and times with their loved ones to be their for others. The worries they go through watching the patients they care for decline or even the hospital rooms fill up to capacity. The way they must feel having medical knowledge and still not knowing how to cure it or even make it bearable. The fear they must feel when a new symptom pops up. The anger they feel when they see someone not wearing a mask or people gathering in big numbers. How they must not see the end of the tunnel for this pandemic.

I remind you that we are dealing with all of this and we are adults. I can't imagine what the kids are going through especially the young ones who don't understand the gravity of we are now living. The special needs children, I imagine are so confused. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME AND TRY TO EXPLAIN TO THE KIDS IN A WAY THEY CAN UNDERSTAND. I found that the details and the ugly part should not be so detailed but definitely explained to a degree that they feel comfort that they are not alone in this and that they feel some form of responsibility to wear a mask and hand wash as a way to do  their part.  

I have a sixteen year old who is super adjusted to the whole Covid way of life and I'm so grateful for it, but what if he wasn't. I was worried at first because he is a very social person and I was very pleased that he saw it as something that not only was out of his control but that every one had to go through it. He has also adjusted to remote learning extremely well and his grades are holding up. He has started video chats with his friends and they just talk and catch up, well with the ones he is not in contact with in the video games lol. As every teenager he doesn't run to me with questions or his feelings but I approach him with it on his level. I don't make it a long conversation or a lecture but I ask him about his friends and if their family members are ok and that seems to open the door for him to say if some one got sick or if they aren't handling this whole situation well. I sneak in so expertly now that he doesn't even notice we are having a TALK at least once a week.  Very Happy . This took A LOT of practice by the way. 

If you haven't noticed yet my intent with this article is to open your eyes to the things that might of become normal, even if it is the new ways of doing things there are many things we must change and do differently. I point out the fact that some are slipping through the cracks and all it could take is a phone call, a video chat, a letter or postcard just because in the mail to make a difference. We must look into how we can return to really connecting with each other by staying close even with distance and just taking care of ourselves and each other.

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