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Post by Admin Mon Nov 09, 2020 11:34 pm


The first time I came up here was in mid-summer. It was hot and humid and very hard to accomplish. Carrying the Covid-19 pounds didn't help. I saw on my sisters Facebook page that she had visited here and once I saw the views I made the plans immediately. The hike up is so challenging, I was not only intimidated but I was scared. I am still shocked that in that weather and my condition lol I even made it up. 

The views are absolutely worth every bit of the hurt caused from climbing up here. Took my breath away. After taking in all of the carved out paths that lead you to an edge that has a different point of view I continued on to the tower. For just a bit you get taken away from the scenic view to climb a short way up and up and up. 

The tower sits so pristine and has a BBQ pit from the Hublein Family days and a picnic area. Good luck getting anything up there that doesn't fit in a back pack. I have taken a homemade salad and had lunch while at the top. It was great to enjoy it while watching people take in the views and taking photos.  

It is a hot and sunny Saturday in November and this place is packed. I had to park down close to the entrance and hike up before the actual hike even started. I took it slow but steady because we had legs work out at the gym the day before and was feeling the incline of the driveway. Every one was great about social distancing and giving each other time to enjoy the views. For the most part every one had their mask which is great and proves why our numbers have been a bit better in CONNECTICUT.

The walk down  moves a lot faster than going up of course and unless you follow the scenic way down there isn't much too it. Getting to the tower is about 1.25 miles about a 30 to 40 minute walk. It isn't a long walk but it is a challenging one. There is a blue trail that changes the feel of the hike  and not as scenic but I enjoyed it. 

If you are in these neck of the woods and visit the tower please let us know or even post a pic in the comments. Pease don't forget to subscribe and share.  Thank you.

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