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Post by Admin Sun Oct 18, 2020 8:39 pm

There are ways to leave a smaller footprint on Earth. Of course we should strive to leave no foot print but that is almost impossible in today's way of living. I will be learning as I go as well, so I hope you join me in this much needed lesson. Besides making this site a one stop shop for certain information, I aim to learn how we can all do our part.



Gillette has partnered with TerraCycle to offer the World's First National Razor Recycling program to help keep hard to recycle blades and razors from ending up in landfills. By teaming up with TerraCycle, they are making an effort to help recycle the estimated 2 billion razors thrown away every year.

It is very easy to help. You register to request a receptacle for your blades and razors. By they way they don't only accept Gillette brand razors they accept them all which further proves their commitment to the cause. You can collect them at home or request a public bin for a gym, office or college. When your receptacle is full you can ship it to them or drop off at a public bin. Shipping cost isn't covered so why not drop them off at a public bin. How easy is that?

You can also send the packaging to them the flexible bag kind of package or the as they call it, rigid plastic packaging for any brand of blades and razors.

They break down the waste and separate it by materials. The plastics are pelletized to be recycled into picnic tables and park benches. Metals are converted to new alloys.

Other items this site helps recycle are Cerebelly, Barilla Ready Pasta, Febreeze Air Care, Arm and Hammer and Oxiclean pouch, Aussie, Backpacker's Pantry, Beach Plastic Cleanup Program, Better Natured, Bic, Bimbo Bakeries USA Bag, Brita, Burt's Bees, Calbee, Cigarette waste, and Colgate to name a few that we already use. 

I will be working on a video that will be posted on our you tube channel that will show how we recycle and how we should be recycling. There is a saying the recycling world has adopted, " When in doubt throw it out". The reason for this saying is that we put a lot of items that are not supposed to go in the blue bins and we think we are doing a good thing. Please check out the video so that you can better inform yourself and recycle in the proper way. 

At first you will feel like it is added work but everything that helps and is beneficial always takes a bit more doing on our part. I promise that the more you do it the faster it will seem like part of life. The earth will soon enough be overwhelmed by our landfills pollution and toxins. We will not fix this immediately but we can start a trend to do the work now and teach our children by example. Earth is our SPOT.

For more info on Gillette razor recycling program CLICK HERE

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