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Quarantine Empty Quarantine

Post by Admin Sat Jul 25, 2020 12:47 pm

This is a hard time for all of us. I was quarantined the first week of March. I really didn't understand the severity of the situation at this point.I occupied my time cleaning and catching up on projects that had been left undone for too long.

Week two came and I continued to organize, rearrange and disinfect as much as I could. By this point the shortage in supplies for the front line employees at hospitals was all over the news and all social media platforms. I wasn't able to figure out how to make masks good enough for them and felt like there was no way I could help. Then I came across Jennifer Makers a Cricut coach, post on no sew masks made out of t-shirts. She is a genius for this design. I had several bags of clothing to donate and used the shirts to make masks for a family and friends. Some went to strangers on my way to my loved ones and were received well, with a lot of thank yous and blessings. I felt so accomplished that the shirts went to good use instead of a donation box in a parking lot.

Now week three is fast approaching and I continue to help by sharing my craft supplies to help out loved ones who have now been stricken by boredom. Yarn and art supplies were a big hit. With nothing else to organize, clean or repurpose I look for what to get into next. I am scared to watch the news because of the number of infected people continues to rise at an alarming rate. The number of deaths is soul crushing. I refused to let my new found anxiety get the best of me so staying busy was all I could do to control that. The suggestions of staying home are getting more and more real. 

So real that  panic is the word I would use to describe my feelings this fourth week. It is now the first week in April. I look for ways to keep busy and get into looking up hair and face masks to treat my dry skin and super split end hair. Using ingredients I already had at home of course. Mayonnaise was the top contender for several reasons. I had a lot of it, it has egg and oil as ingredients, it was the one with just the one step, Cardi B mentioned it in one of her live videos and I kept seeing it come up on almost every internet  search for an at home hair mask. Below you will find a link to a you tube video where I show you what I did.     WARNING.. The shirt and towel you use for this process should be old and not a shirt or towel you care about. If you don't have any yet I suggest you pick something old and keep for future applications because the oil from it will destroy the towel and shirt. I will not use anything else besides the mayonnaise because it worked so great and it was so inexpensive. If you want a more natural way I guess you can make the mayonnaise yourself with out the additives. 

Looking for the hair mask I came across the benefits of spices for maintaining weight and good health and decided to do more research. I have for a while now sprinkled ground cinnamon and ginger in my tea and am excited to add more spices to my tea and food. If you visit the Health tab on this blog you will find an article about the benefits of spices. Please be sure to read the disclosure paragraph because some spices in large amounts can be harmful.

With my week five of quarantine here and feeling like a year has gone by since I went to work and did normal things, I find it harder and harder to keep my spirits up. I decide to start a new routine. I start by setting weekly goals and actually writing them out. If you are into technology you can do this with your mobile phone or lap tops or computers calendar. I chose to start with just a note book but then choose to use a print out from Pintrest. I'm excited to say I have designed my own which you can find in the link below. If you are not able to print it from home please email us at and include your first and last name, street address, city, state and zip code and I will mail you one that you can copy.


I have started a journal which I will use later on to remind myself how not to go back to doing things as before. Unfortunately this new way of doing things isn't going to change any time soon so I choose to find the best in the situation by getting better prepared. I am a couponer and did not have to shop for basic needs items or even cleaning supplies. I did notice that I depend on an outside sources for a lot of things that I need and use. I ended up doing without somethings that weren't super important or I found a natural way or used items I already had a home. Thanks to couponing I have an okay stock pile of canned items but if money was an issue or going outside would of been completely restricted I would be in trouble. With this in mind I plan to continue to build a stockpile to protect myself for a longer period of time. Through out this blog you will find several articles that I have written to hopefully take out some of the guess work out of the process I went through to find the natural way or an inexpensive way of doing things.

Week six I'm finding the tutorials I am making for this blog entertaining and I have been learning a lot of technology related things the hard way. I started using the app DuoLingo to learn how to speak Portuguese and was surprised how easy the app is to use. With a big selection of languages to choose from and it is a free app you can find a language of your choice.

 I recently bought a Cricut and have been following Jennifer Maker who in my eyes is a genius by the way. She has a mask made out of t-shirts that is so awesome that I made a few to give out to family and friends and my God mother gave me the idea to place a coffee filter in between the two peaces of fabric for added protection. 

The research on living a minimalist lifestyle is going well and I will have an article on some small things we can do to get the ball rolling. I think we can all agree that we have to change a lot of things about our ways and how we can better prepare for uncertainty. I think we can also agree that we are not at all prepared for what we are going through and what is still to come with Covid -19.

It is now the end of August and some changes are happening. stores are opening, people are going back to work, talks about schools reopening are happening and bombing in my opinion. 

High school football season for this school year is off the tables which is sad for the seniors due to not having the opportunity to be scouted by colleges. 

Some colleges are closing periodically due to a rise in numbers  of  new cases due  to the parties and gatherings happening on campus. In grades K through twelve schools are being shut down for up to a week at a time to disinfect them every time a child is found to be positive. Contact tracing which simply means contacting everyone who came into contact with the infected individual is being put through  to the test on a regular basis. 

Some people are returning to work, stores are opening, outdoor dining only is a thing, temperature checks are every where and the unknown yet to come are so many that it is hard not to feel scared.

I hope that you will all remain safe and in good health. Please check in with us often as information will be available and don't forget to subscribe so you wont miss a spot. Be sure to enter the GIFT CARD GIVE AWAY which is free to enter.

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